Photos by Matty Krant.

I’m a New Hampshire born, Brooklyn based, photographer, brand consultant, and producer who enjoys fun, friendship, and floral prints. I use my photography to create stories for people and brands.  

I work with individuals, brands, and companies to produce content that captures people’s attention.  

In my free time I fight Muay Thai and surf.

Need some help creating and conveying your vision? Shoot me an email. Let's always try to keep it funky. 

Get in touch if you want me to help produce a shoot for your brand! I've built and executed photoshoots and video shoots from the ground up and can assist with these aspects of your campaign:

  • Behind the Scenes Photography/Videography

  • On Set Stills - TV, Feature Films, Commercial,

  • Still photography - Events, Sports, Fitness, Portraits, Lifestyle, Travel, Whatever you want...

  • Photo Editing

  • Videography

  • Model casting (agency and non-agency)

  • Location scouting

  • Creative decks with mood boards + shot lists

  • Equipment and studio rental estimates

  • Social media best practices

  • Behind-the-scenes still photography

  • Product laydown and 2nd unit photography

  • Set Design and Prop Styling

Clients include: Vanity Fair, Spreadhouse, Matte Projects, All Things Go, G&S Fight Supply Co, Summer Sessions, MLB, Michael Kors, Telemundo, Batemen Skincare, PFLMMA, NBC Sports, Friday Night Fights, and more.


Find Me

Photos by Matt Krant.

(All prints are for sale in limited quantities.)

IG- @matty_krant

I also run the site: www.drivethruproduction.com

Set Design and prop styling work can be seen http://www.erinlarkgray.com